Resi9 - Residential Circuit Protection
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Resi9 - Residential Circuit Protection

Market leader unveils next-gen residential circuit protection range, Resi9™, developed with electricians.

The new Resi9 range from Schneider Electric brings the latest in global technology and optimised performance to residential new builds and major switchboard upgrades.

PDL Resi9 installation

Resi9 - The Complete Solution

Resi9 offers a complete residential circuit protection solution with MCBs (6A-40A), RCCBs (40A &63A), Slim RCBOs (6A – 32A), 2 module RCBOs, 1, 2 & 3P main switches, AFDDs (Arc fault Detection Devices), SPDs (Surge Protection Devices), plastic enclosures (10-60 ways), busbars, the innovative new MAXBAR™ and accessories. The scope of the range allows electricians the opportunity to enhance residential safety with their installations through improved performance, flexibility, and speed in a sleek design.

Hylton Jones, Offer Manager, Final Distribution at Schneider Electric says, “Resi9 is designed to raise the bar in residential circuit protection for New Zealand; it is faster, neater, sleeker, and more robust. The Resi9 range will eventually replace Domae, which has stood the test of time and has played an important role in many homes across New Zealand.”

“We are excited to offer our customers the latest technology and optimised performance with Resi9 as a brand-new range of circuit protection including accessories and enclosures. Resi9 is designed to help electricians achieve the same functionality as Domae but with more ease and flexibility, alongside additional opportunities to enhance the quality and professionalism of their installation. There is an increased focus on sustainability, including in the new cardboard packaging and Green Premium status which meets strict global environmental regulations.”

PDL Maxbar

Experience MAX Professionalism

“Resi9 has the convenience and safety of the end user in mind. This is an innovative, future-ready system which is tailored to tough Kiwi conditions. Its robust quality and flexibility of installation –with the option of feeding line from top or bottom for all devices (except 2 module RCBOs). Some of the added benefits include the larger terminal sizes for MCB’s and main switches compared to Domae, also the new MAXBAR™ is a busbar that delivers phase and neutral supply to all Resi9 RCBOs and AFDDs while connecting directly to the main switch. This saves installation time by reducing the number of cables needed for an installation.”

“We greatly appreciate the trust electricians and wholesaler partners have placed in Domae over the years, and we are confident that they will find Resi9 exceeds their expectations and allows them additional opportunities for enhanced value with their customers.”

PDL Resi9 - The complete solution

Installation Flexibility

Nathan Johnston, electrician, and director of Johnston Electrical was one of the first electricians in New Zealand to take part in the field trial of Resi9. He says, “I will definitely be making the switch to the new Resi9 range. The design is high quality and robust, without compromising the look and feel. It will save a lot of time during installation and therefore save money in the long run. Times are changing, and it’s important that we move with them, which Schneider Electric has done with Resi9.”

Among his initial observations, Nathan applauds the fresh sustainable packaging, “One of the first things I noticed was also the new and improved sustainable packaging, which is really cool to see. It makes it easier when companies do their part to help us reduce waste and contribute towards sustainability at the end of the line.”

The Resi9 range will be available from 2 October 2023 and will gradually replace the previous range, Domae, which will be discontinued from 29 February 2024.

Key product features

  • New crisp white colour for a sleek more cohesive look in the switchboard
  • Larger terminals on main switch and MCB
  • Complete solution for residential applications with 100A rated system
  • Option of top or bottom line-feeding for all devices (except 2 module RCBOs)
  • Opportunity to grow business with latest innovation in circuit protection – AFDD
  • Simplify communication with homeowners using easy to explain pictograms on all devices
  • All the product related information (specifications, brochures, catalogues, FAQs and installation instructions) at your fingertips by scanning the QR code on all products
  • Designed for tough Kiwi conditions with operating temperature range from -25 Deg C to +70 Deg C with derating
  • Up to 2 times faster installation speed with MAXBAR compared to the RCCB/MCB installation
  • No cables needed for feeding RCBOS with MAXBAR connecting main switch directly to any type of Resi9 RCBO and AFDDs.
  • Easy to stock busbar kits with busbar, connectors, teeth covers and neutral terminal block coming all in one pack.

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