Smart home, smart design
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Smart home, smart design

It's home, just smarter

Before our very eyes, a global digital transformation is taking place in the modern home.

Shaping this is the need for our homes to more energy efficient, offer enhanced security, entertainment on demand, convenience and the demands of a want it, need it now society.

New connected home technologies can assist in delivering these needs, and as the global electrical technology leader, PDL by Schneider Electric is ensuring that homes are prepared for today and tomorrow.

To highlight this Schneider Electric and trusted market research firm Colmar Brunton recently conducted a unique survey of Kiwi consumers who had been through residential build or renovation in the last 24 months. 88% of Kiwis said that they are aware of smart home technology and 1 in 2 people liked the idea of being able to connect to their home when they are away and make sure everything is secure.

PDL Switchboard

The future of smart home is here

One could argue that two generations have been responsible driving this astronomical shift, the millennial generation that has grown up with technology and the baby boomers who are now mostly retired and have a little extra money to spend on comfort and security. However, the reality is that there is now an expectation of technology in every new home built and renovation today.

Business Development Manager at Schneider Electric, Mark Jeisman says ‘We see many home builders taking a ‘head in the sand’ approach to technology and think it’s all up to the customer to take care of. However, consumers are now more educated and demanding their builder be on the front foot to make sure that the home’s infrastructure can support a variety of technologies as they evolve.’

He adds, ‘Future-proofing a home should be an industry standard to ensure the reliability, scalability and flexibility over the life of the home. Many new technology products can be a ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ proposition, so it’s important that a quality solution backed and supported by a local and global team, such as PDL by Schneider Electric, is used to deliver these solutions.’

PDL Switchboard

Smart home made simple

One consideration to take the best advantage of high-speed broadband to the doorstep is allowing a strategic level of both wired and wi-fi networking to be installed throughout the home which can cater for various smart device options. PDL's energy efficient LED lighting can elevate spectacular interiors and PDL’s new Iconic range of wall switches and outlets provide a modern finish in keeping with on-trend interior design aesthetics. From industry leading dimmers, switching and sensors, the smart home technology pathway is also possible with Iconic Wiser enhanced app control features for future upgrades.

The Colmar Brunton survey also found that 2 out of 3 Kiwis think switches and sockets are a design and style element in a home, which makes the award-winning PDL Iconic range the obvious choice. The wall plates are a unique scalable platform both in terms of technology and functionality adaptation over coming years, and equally in form factor. As an example, for an interior upgrade our customers can simply change the wall plate cover, or skin, in a few seconds without the need for an electrician.   

Download your copy of the PDL Electrical and Smart Homes Research Report here