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Transition to Pro Series

Electricians around NZ are making the change

Electricians around New Zealand are making the switch to the new PDL Pro Series – a robust feature-packed range that brings innovation to the commercial wiring device market to meet demand for easy-to-install technology, robustness and security.

pro series socket in kitchen

An easy and logical switch

Designed for use in retail, education, office and public spaces, the PDL Pro Series range is also finding wider applications thanks to its durability and security.

Electrical company Blizzard, which services the greater Wellington region, has been using the Pro Series range since early 2021 and now specifies it into all its commercial projects.

Blizzard’s Head Electrical Manager, Jordan Churchill, says that when he and his team first tried the range they were impressed with its IK08 rating and innovative protected circuit ID panels, among other features. He says making it part of Blizzard’s offering was an easy decision and the switchgear has quickly proven itself on the job.

“I've used Schneider Electric’s gear pretty much since I started in the industry,”

says Jordan.


“So going from the 600 Series to the Pro Series wasn’t difficult –

I’m still using a brand that I know and trust.”

pro series switch on wall

Advanced Features

Pro Series' advanced features include protected circuit ID and sockets rated at IK08 for high impact resistance, as well as added security with skins that require a screwdriver for removal.

It is available in black or white and the switches feature 300 series mechanisms and modules such as 16AX mechs, connected dimmers, sensors, timers and C-Bus options for streamlined use and access to parts. Sockets are available in several variants, and in horizontal and vertical orientation. There is also a wide choice of USB options.

electrician installing pro series on wall

Innovation and easy installation

Blizzard recently installed PDL Pro Series in a fit-out for a well-known skincare specialist group in Upper Hutt and Jordan says it was the ideal choice for a space that needed to combine good looks with hard-wearing practicality.

“Pro Series has a really nice gloss finish, which complemented the rest of the cabinetry and overall fit-out, and the range is more resistant to knocks when things are moved around.”

The innovative circuit identification in the Pro Series also creates a streamlined look, as well as improving circuit safety. Circuit ID labels attach to panels at each end of the grid and are protected under clear windows in the plate, so they can’t be damaged or wiped off. Because the labels are on the grids, the correct circuit identification will always be displayed, even if the skins are swapped inadvertently.

Pro Series socket

PDL Pro Series can support your business

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