9 ways to create a smarter holiday home

9 ways to create a smarter holiday home

Powering the dream lifestyle for your customers

A smarter kind of holiday home

Creating an idyllic and relaxing holiday home or bach is the kiwi lifestyle dream. Many have saved for years, and this slice of paradise is their labour of love. And yet, while many customers think of how to optimise the design for the views, or the sun, many pay little attention to how they could use electric home design and smart home technology to optimise the control and efficiency, and even enable better access and convenience to their holiday home.

We spoke to local New Zealand Wiser expert and former electrician Kelvin Hart from the Schneider Electric Bay of Plenty team, to discuss some of the great ways PDL Wiser can open the door for more enjoyable vacations for your customers.

electrician holding wiser hub

Arrive to a comfortable environment

Being able to turn the heat pump on and off remotely is a simple yet easy convenience you can include for your customers. Having the home warm in winter and cool in summer when they arrive is the perfect way to start their relaxing holiday the right way.

Using the Wiser IR Convertor with a Wiser Hub enables remote access and control through the Wiser by SE app. It is also possible for the IR Convertor to control their TV and HiFi systems too.

wiser water sensor near bathtub

Reduce the risk of water damage

While insurance can cover your customers when the proverbial hits the fan, how about if you could help your customers to prevent or minimise damage from leaks?

By setting up a Wiser Water Leakage Sensor in areas that might be at risk, it can let your customer know if there is an unexpected leak. This would send the customer an alert, and then the could take action manually to solve the issue.

Or as Kelvin suggests, you could take it to the next level where “If a leak is detected, you could in collaboration with a Wiser Micro Module Switch control the solenoid to shut the water off, helping to reduce the chance of any further damage. This could all be set it up as an Automation in the system, so no manual intervention is required from the customer, and the risk of damage is also kept under control. This is great for people who are quite a distance away from their holiday home.”

The water leakage sensor could also detect internal flooding, as it is simply looking for water contact – which could also be handy for those in coastal or low-lying areas at greater risk of water ingress.


Only use hot water when needed

Sustainability and power costs are on many people’s minds, and being able to remotely control and choose when to power on the hot water cylinder could make a big impact to your customer’s overall holiday home power bill. Kelvin suggests controlling the hot water cylinder by using a Wiser 10A mechanism along with a Wiser Hub. “This will allow your customer to turn their hot water cylinder on and off remotely through the Wiser by SE app. They still have the convenience of hot water when they need it, and saving on power costs when they don’t.”

man using wiserbyse app outside

Security on tap

When your customers have invested so much to create their dream home, they want to feel reassured that it is safe and secure. Wiser offers a number of ways to do this. With the Wiser Indoor and Outdoor cameras, your customers can have the benefit of remote access and monitoring of their bach. They can even use the intercom feature to talk to anyone who arrives, making it feel like someone is home.

wiser sensor in garage

Remote access and control

The risks associated with leaving a spare key outside are well noted. Yet many people do this for pragmatic and emergency reasons at their holiday home. Using a Wiser Wiser Micro Module Switch, you can automate the garage door to open and close remotely for your customers through the Wiser by SE app.

Beautiful villa

Check on the home for peace of mind

Being able to check doors and windows have been closed, and monitor any unusual activity can give your customers increased comfort.

Using the Wiser Window/Door Sensors they can check the status to see if everything is secure. If they have loaned the house out to friends, or their adult children have been there for the weekend, then they can simply log into the app, and check the doors and windows are all closed. Your customers could also keep an eye on any unusual activity as well, by setting up notifications for if windows/doors are opened unexpectedly.

iconic styl socket in bookshelf

Make it easy to arrive and depart

When your customers arrive to their holiday home, they are there to relax. They can set up Wiser Moments to enable them to do this with ease, such as an “All On” Moment, which turns everything on, such as the lights, the heat pump, the beer fridge (if used with a Wiser Iconic connected socket), open the blinds around the house, and turn the heated towel rail and the hot water cylinder on.

The Wiser system can also bet set up to work in reverse, to create an “All off” Moment, which might turn off power to the dishwasher, the washing machine, the beer fridge, close the blinds around the house, turn off the heated towel rail and all the connected lights.

wiserbyse app

Added security benefits

Make it look like someone is there by using lighting and blind automation and schedules. You could programme the lights to come on in wintertime at 6pm – 8pm at night in the living room, and even have the blinds drop at sunset each night, and rise again in the morning.

iconic switch in bedroom

Increase the warmth, cool or reduce UV rays

The Kiwi sun can be a blessing and a curse. Used in conjunction with the Wiser Temperature/Humidity sensor, you can automate the holiday home to respond to environmental conditions, such as if the temperature in the home gets to 23 degrees close the blinds to help keep the house cool, or even at 6pm at night close the blinds to help keep the heat in the house. You can even use this feature on hot sunny days to save their interior furnishings from harsh UV rays, with Lux Level controls in the Wiser motion sensor.

There are numerous ways you can use the PDL Wiser system for your customers with holiday homes to give them more control, comfort and access to their investment. If you would like to know more visit https://www.pdl.co.nz/wiser/electrician

To become a Wiser Approved Installer visit: https://www.pdl.co.nz/wiser/approved-installer

Please note:

Only one Wiser Hub is needed per home. 

These solutions are suggestive only and meant as a guide. Review of the home’s electrical needs is suggested before determining the right solutions to use. 

For remote access a Wiser Hub needs to be used, with the exception of the Wiser Indoor and Outdoor cameras. 

Wiser IR convertor is not compatible with all heat pumps/TVs/HiFi systems. 

Some solenoids run off 12VDC, whereas the Wiser micromodule is powered from 240V. A relay may be required to isolate the 240V.