PDL Pro Series

PDL Pro Series

Clever, strong and easy

Designed for commercial buildings

A range of sockets and switches designed for Retail, Commercial, Education and Public buildings.

PDL Pro Series is the range of sockets and switches designed specifically for commercial buildings such as retail, offices, schools and public spaces.

  • Circuit identification with large integrated windows.
  • Secured skin which can only be removed with a tool.
  • Large terminals for easy termination.
  • Aesthetically appealing with fresh, clean lines and beveled edges to deflect impacts, and standard sockets rated at IK08 for impact resistance.
  • Available in white and black, the switches and sockets will blend into any commercial environment.
  • Contains many features from the Iconic range including compatibility with 300 Series mechanisms,  the locking bar, wrapper terminals, pre-fitted captive screws and requires just the square drive screwdriver for installation.

PDL Pro Series features

Pro Series Switch cover and mechs

Flexible Switch Options

Pro Series Switches feature 300 series mechanisms and modules, from 16AX mechanisms as standard through to connected dimmers, switches and C-Bus mechanisms. The switches also feature locking bars to reduce risk of module push backs.

Range of Colours

Pro Series products come assembled in gloss white, and skins in gloss black and blank grids are available separately. Double GPO socket skins are also available in red, dark blue and green.

Clear and Protected Circuit ID

Pro Series circuit labels are protected behind a clear window, preventing damage and ensuring accurate identification. They adhere to panels designed into the grids, so they're visible even if skins are swapped.

Clipsal Pro Series USB Dual Socket

Secure Skins

Pro Series skins clip on securely and require a screwdriver to remove.

Pro Series USB Sockets

USB charging options including double A type and A+C to suit latest smartphones. Modular design means charging options can be fitted into sockets with extra switch options and switch plates.

Tough Sockets

Pro Series sockets are robust, rated at IK08 for impact resistance. This means they can cope with bumps from trolleys and other equipment, which can often result in cracked or broken skins.

41epbdwclm mech

Advanced USB Charging Modules

The twin USB A+A and A+C charger modules fit sockets or switch plates, with advanced management and protection.

Data and AV Options

Pro Series matches the extensive range of network connectors available from PDL. This range includes from Cat 5 to Cat 6A, as well as HDMI, AV connectors and RJ11 for any commercial application.

Connected Devices for Smart Buildings

Pro Series also features many smart devices. There are connected switches and dimmers with BLE connectivity, as well as C-Bus master and slave modules to interface to lighting and building management systems.

pro series range

Build & Customise Pro Series

Select product. Choose configuration. Create a Bill of Materials. Download or Share. It's that simple!

PDL Pocket Book Nov 2020

Converting from 600 Series to Pro Series?

We have put together this compatibility matrix to help you find compatible parts more easily. 

Download matrix (PDF 138KB)

Pro Series Brochure

Designed to meet the needs of commercial buildings