socket swt twin 10a rcd 30ma


Catalogue Number: 2025RCD30
socket swt twin 10a rcd 30ma
Colour: White Electric
Colour: Per UOM Std.
  • White Electric 1 PCE 1


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Product brand
Range of product
  • Lifesaver
  • Series 2000
    • Control type
      ON/OFF button
      Number of gangs
      2 gangs
      Pin number
      Number of power socket outlets
    • rocker
    • switch
      • Mounting position
        Fixing mode
        by screws
        Local signalling
        without light indicator
        Surface finish
        [Ue] rated operational voltage
        250 V AC
        [In] rated current
        10 A
        47 mm
        116 mm
        76 mm
        Fixing center
        84 mm
      • AS/NZS 3100
      • AS/NZS 3112
      • AS/NZS 3133:approval number S/1
        • EU RoHS Directive

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          Frequently Asked Questions

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          How many 2025RCD10 come in a pack?

          These are supplied in a pack of 5.

          Can part number C2025RCD30 be used in conjunction with non RCD gpos?

          Yes, part number C2025RCD30 can be used with non-RCD Gpos.

          For more information on this part please refer to

          User-added image

          Does the outlet 2025RCD30 Protect upstream and downstream outlets?

          The outlet 2025RCD 30 will only protect downstream outlets see the below diagram.

          Does the 2025RC10 have safety shutters?

          No, the 2025RC10 does not have safety shutters.

          Some of the key features are:
          • Earth leakage switch with IFN 30 mA
          • Frequency rating: 50 Hz
          • typical trip time: 30ms

          For further information please visit

          What is the replacement for the 696RCD30?

          The closest replacement is the C2025RCD30, only difference is that it is a double GPO, not a single GPO.

          Is the C2025RCD available in a vertical version

          No - The C2025RCD is horizontal only

          what standards does the ML2025RCD10 comply with?

          See SDoC attached for the Standards

          What is the mounting bock for the 695RCD30?

          This will fit into the PDL300DMB-VW

          Does a 2025RCD30-WE fit into a 255 weather protected box?

          Yes, the 2025RCD30-WE will fit into a 255 weather protected box.The 2025RCD30-WE is 27mm deep and the 255 has 35mm depth. The bottom screwed plug will need to be shortened if not used as a cable entry.

          Is the Clipsal RCD 2025RC10 available in Red, Blue and Beige

          Red is available as an indent, the other two colours are not set up for sale in NZ.  Need to use ML2025RC10-DB and ML2025RC10C-BG (engraved Cleaning Purposes

          What are the dimensions for the cut out for the ML2025RCD10?

          The dimensions for the cut out for the ML2025RCD10 are - W94mm x H65mm

          For further information , visit link below:-


          Is there a white cover plate available for the RCD horizontal double, switched socket 10A 30mA - PDL 695RCD30?

          There is no white cover plate available for the PDL 695RCD30.

          Can you buy a 2 gang GPO in 15A with 30mA RCD?

          Closest product would be a 10A Version - Such as a 2025RCD30

          What is the cover plate to fit the Clipsal C2025RCD

          Not available, cover plates only available for C2025RC (no D)

          Is the 2727RC30 available in the clasic series?

          No, unfortunately the 2727RC30 is not available in the classic series.

          Some of the key features are:
          • 2 pole
          • 30 mA residual current protected
          • 3 module size
          For further information please visit

          What is the part number for a double pole double GPO with RCD protection?

          The part number for a double pole double GPO with RCD protection is - 2025RCD30

          For further information , visit link below:-


          Is the Medilec ML2025RCD10 availabe in with neons?

          Yes, the Medilec ML2025RCD10 is availabe in with neons.
          Some of its key features are:
          • 1 pole
          • RCD label
          • 10 mA tripping current
          • Without over voltage protection
          • Neon Indicators
          For further information please visit

          What is the part number for a 2000 series double GPO with RCD unit , 30mA?

          The part number for a 2000 series double GPO with RCD unit , 30mA is - 2025RCD30

          For further information , visit link below:-


          what is part no for corrugated conduit with draw wire ?

          Part no 9025CHD also available as

          9025CHD10 & 9025CHD20 standard colour Orange

          What is the difference between ML2025RC10 and ML2025RCD10, Medilec RCD protected switch socket outlet?

          The difference in the outlet is in the appearance and the socket switching type.
          ML2025RC10 - single pole socket switching type and double pole RCD Contact Type.
          ML2025RCD10 - double pole socket switching type and double pole RCD Contact Type.
          For further information, please visit:

          Can an RCD protected outlet be used downstream from an RCD?

          Yes, a RCD protected outlet can be used Downstream from and RCD, however we can not guarantee the RCD powerpoint will trip first.

          The part number for the RCD protected outlet is 2025RC.
          Some of the key features are:

          • 1 pole
          • Style 1
          • 30 mA tripping current
          • Professional range
          • Double pole RCD
          • 30 ms typical trip time
          • -10 to 40 deg C temperature
          • 10Amp rated
          • 250V AC
          For further information please visit


          C2025RC-WE what is the cover plate?

          C2025RCC-WE as per page 40 pocket book

          What is the part number for a replacement for 15/15/EL30?

          There is no direct replacement for this unit. Customer would be able to use 3 items to make this up - 2015/15 , 2031RC30 & 2000H2

          For further information , visit links below:-

          User-added image

          User-added image
          User-added image

          What is the indication on the Clipsal ML2025RC10

          It has a power available neon

          What is the part code for a Medilec twin switch socket 10A with 10mA RCD

           The part code is ML2025RC10

          Do Clipsal have a 2025 that has red switches instead of white?

          Yes, the 2025RDL-WE features a red dolly assembly
          For more information on this product please visit the Clipsal web site on the link provided

          What is the replacement / alternative for a power point with an inbuilt safety switch (RCD) 15/15EL30-WE?

          There is no direct replacement for 15/15EL30-WE, however there is an alternative, but it is only rated to 10A. The part number is 2025RCD30.

          For further information please visit

          Where should the twin brown wires be connected on 2031RC series?

          The 2031RC series consists of 2031RC30, 2031VRC30, 2031RC10, 2031VRC10, ML2031RC10 and ML2031VRC10.

          The twin brown wires power the Line Power Available LED. These wires must be connected into the Line Active and Neutral terminals with the incoming supply wires.
          For further information please refer to the attached installation instruction

          False Events When Using A SEL 2020/2030 and ION Enterprise

          Goals and Symptoms


          SEL 2030 devices are used to communicate with Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories (SEL) relays. The relays only communicate with SEL proprietary protocol. The 2030 can convert this to Modbus for the use of PRODUCTS such as ION Enterprise 5.0.
          We use the name SEL 2030 but this article also applies to other modules in this product family including the SEL 2020 and SEL 2032.

          ION Enterprise 5.0 is configured to translate the Modbus data into the ION network. Within this network a Virtual ION Processor (VIP) can be used to perform logical actions based on the information obtained from the relay.

          One common action is to detect a change in state of a Boolean value. A series of VIP Setpoint modules can be configured to monitor the state of each value.  When the state changes the VIP Setpoint module records an event but can also be used to trigger an action.


          The VIP Setpoint module shows repeated events without an actual change in the relay state.  This may always appear as an OFF event.

          Causes and Fixes


          The ION Enterprise Modbus master repeatedly asks the SEL 2030 for updates.  If the SEL 2030 is providing the data directly from the port which the relay is attached to (as opposed to the port the master is attached to) then the SEL 2030 will randomly reply with Modbus exceptions. These happen when the incoming request happens at the same time as the relay is updating its information in the SEL 2030.

          These Modbus exceptions may cause a VIP Setpoint module to incorrectly register an event.


          There are two ways to work around this problem.

          On newer SEL 2030 devices the master port can be configured to not send exceptions when it is busy. In the port set-up configure the "BUSY_DIS" setting to "Yes" from the default "No"

          On all SEL 2030 devices you can use Memory Move commands to remap the individual relay's data into the memory used by the Modbus master. 



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