How do you select the input type (analog, thermocouple, PT100, RTD) on the Zelio REG24 Temperature Controllers?


28 September 2021

Selection of input type on Zelio REG24 Temperature Controllers?

Product Line:
Relays and Timers

Zelio Speed, Frequency, & Temperature Control Relays

Accessing the parameter
1.     Press the SEL key until P is displayed.
2.     Press the Down Arrow key until P-n2 is displayed.
3.     Press the SEL key.
6.     Change the value from the default  to one of the following using the Arrow keys.

Value: Input Type

1 (PT 100 Ω )
2 (J)
3 (K)
4 (R)
5 (B)
6 (S)
7 (T)
8 (E)
12 (N)
13 (PL-2)
16 (1 VDC...5 VDC)
16 (4 mA...20 mA)