What are the voltage, temperature and altitude tolerances for the Altivar 32/320 drive?


28 September 2021

Customer wants to know the temperature and altitude limitations for the ATV32/ATV320 drive. 

Product line:
ATV32, Altivar 32, ATV320, Altivar 320



The voltage range for the M2 drives (200-240V) is 200V, minus 15% to 240V, plus 10%.
The voltage range for the N4 drives (380-480V) is 380V, minus 15% to 480V, plus 15%.

The temperature rating for all models is +14F to +122F (-10C to +50C), without derating (as long as the switching frequency is 4 kHz or less). 

Optional derating is available from +122F to +140F (50C to 60C).  Consult the Installation manual for de-rating curves based on the temperature and switching frequency.

The maximum altitude the Altivar 32 can be installed without de-rating is up to 3300 feet (1000 meters).  De-rate the drive nominal current by each additional 330 feet (100m) up to a maximum ceiling of 10,000 feet (3000m).