Where can I find information on the sw100, sw101, sw102 and sw103 dip switches on the ATV212 drives?


28 September 2021

ATV212 information from the SW101, SW102, and SW103 dip switches.

Product Line:
Altivar ATV212

Altivar 212 drive

Needs to know where they can find information on the dip switch settings.

There are 5 dip switches on the ATV212 drives
SW101= FM analog output U= voltage output I = current output
SW102= Sink Source switch
SW103= Term Switch. Selection of communication terminal resistor. When SW103 is set to Term, internal 120 Ohm termination resistor is connected between A and B terminals.
SW100= VIA= VIA analog input switch (U= voltage input or I= current input)
    VIB= VIB analog input switch (0-10-vdc input or PTC input)