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Your home, your sanctuary.

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Understanding what matters most to you

Home. It’s where you and your family can relax and truly be yourselves. Above all, it’s a place you want to feel safe and secure.

PDL understand how smart home technology can help run your home efficiently and put security and control at your fingertips.

We are here to help you to find the right smart home solution that works for your lifestyle now and into the future.


PDL provide a trusted system​

PDL is a market leader in New Zealand with over 70 years of innovation in the electrical category, and over 20 years in smart home technology.

PDL have the network and the know-how to help connect your home with smart home options that can streamline your lifestyle.

A smart home can grow with you

PDL can help unlock the potential of your connected devices with flexible smart home technology. It can evolve with your family and keep your options open.  

We have solutions ranging from simple Bluetooth connectivity to fully hard-wired solutions.



New build or renovating? No problem!

Our home automation options are nimble and scalable, so if you are building a new home, or renovating your existing one there are plenty of options.

We will be there to help you select the right smart home package that best suits your needs and priorities.

If your budget is tight there are easy cost-effective decisions you can make now, and make upgrading much easier.

Trusted installers and accessible support

Connected smart home solutions don’t have to be complex or challenging. That’s why we partner with trusted local electricians and experts to help ensure your smart home is a great fit for you and installed correctly.

Plus, you are supported by helpful resources available 24/7 and our customer service team.

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PDL Iconic Styl Flatlay

Stylish design that makes living easier

From the elegant look of a switch which complements carefully considered paint colours to how you can conveniently turn light switches off from your couch or bed, style and smarts can be complementary, and we can show you how.

Trusted security – across the cyber network

PDL systems and software use the latest technology to help keep your home secure. They are backed by Schneider Electric, the global powerhouse in automation and control.

Monitor your property remotely and rest easy knowing that everything’s safe when you’re at home or away.

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Where to start

There are many ways to turn your home into a smart home. You may be starting small with a stand-alone home automation option that is inexpensive and easily installed. Or you may be building a new house and want to integrate a more complex home automation system.

Whatever your situation, there are things your smart home system integrator will need to know before recommending products for a clever  connected home.

What you’ll need to consider

Considerations that help you make the best decision. 


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Who lives here?

The smart home expert will need to know who uses your home. Is remote access important? Make a note of any routines or schedules you have.

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How much would you like to spend connecting your home? If your budget is tight there are cost effective ways to get started, which make expanding later simpler and easier.

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Note down the smart home devices or appliances you already have, or ones that you know you want to connect to/control such as your lighting, front gate or garage door.

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To ensure your objectives are met, let your smart home expert know why you want a smart home. Is it for safety and security? Comfort and control?

Basic control

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Room control

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PDL Iconic Bluetooth

Think a smart home is out of reach? Think again – the innovative PDL Iconic range is your key to simple and affordable smart home connectivity.

PDL Iconic uses Bluetooth, making it ideal for home renovations or less complex builds as there’s no need for any special wiring. It can link lights, dimmers and timers that you control via the Wiser by SE app on your smartphone or tablet.

You can set lights to come on or dim at a certain time, or even schedule appliances like heated towel rails to turn on and off, offering convenience and energy efficiency.

There’s a range of PDL Iconic skins in different designs and finishes that clip on and off easily too, making it easy to update your interior look whenever you want.

Wiser home control

Discover more

Reimagine how you live with a PDL Wiser™ Smart Home​

PDL Wiser offers you more comfort, energy efficiency and safety options. Imagine a smart home that puts you in control

From blinds that open to greet the sun, aircon that comes on before the day's heat, and lights that dim as you drift off, a Wiser Smart Home adjusts to your lifestyle.

Wiser Smart Home products are also compatible with PDL's existing wiring device ranges, including Iconic switches and sockets, making design and function upgrades simple and seamless. It's also easy to upgrade and bring together other PDL Bluetooth products into your Wiser smart home system.

Wiser is a scalable, automated smart home solution that lets you control almost everything in your home with a single app. It's easy to install and set up, and can grow as your needs change.

Ultimate home control

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If you’re dreaming of a smart home that anticipates your every need and can adapt to fast-changing technology, then you need C-Bus by Schneider Electric.  

C-Bus is a wiring system for new builds that links stand-alone elements in your house to a single smart home automation app, like Wiser Home. Integrating with virtually any third party device, you can run everything from lights, to underfloor heating and locks, and even the garden sprinklers.  

C-Bus offers the ultimate in smart home automation and gives you a world of control when it comes to home security, energy efficiency, convenience and comfort. Designed to integrate easily with new technology, it also creates a home that can adapt to the future.

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