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Life is easier when your home is smart

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Creating a smart home means designing life the way you want to live

Put convenience, comfort, energy efficiency and home security at your fingertips, whether you’re at home or away. Our technology is scalable, ranging from simple Bluetooth connectivity to fully hard-wired solutions.


Creating a comfortable home becomes even simpler with smart home technology. You can keep things as warm or as cool as you like with a swipe of a touch screen, and make life easier with lighting that’s always there to guide the way.

Adjust the temperature throughout your house at any time by linking heaters, air conditioning, blinds and even gas fireplaces to your smart home system. You can activate them from your smartphone or tablet, whether you’re at home or just leaving the office.

Make it easier and safer for family and friends to get around your house with sensor lighting that comes on as soon as you need it in hallways, on staircases or outside areas.   

Energy Efficiency

Save energy and money (and help the planet) with a smart home that runs appliances only when they’re needed, and tracks your energy usage.

LED downlights, timers, dimmers and motion sensor lights are a great starting point for reducing energy consumption.

You could also have a bathroom that turns heated towel rails, fans and mirror demisters on and off for you at pre-set times, or a house that automatically lowers all the blinds in the early evening to keep the warmth in. With a smart home, you can see what’s been left on, and turn appliances off remotely too.


Choose a simple and streamlined way of living and say goodbye to stacks of remote controls. With a smart home, you can control multiple items from your smartphone or tablet quickly and easily.

Smart home automation lets you link home appliances to a single system, so you can enjoy your morning coffee in bed while using your phone to raise all the blinds around the house and choose a movie for the kids to watch downstairs.

Or, for the ultimate in convenience, combine elements to create ‘scenes’ for different occasions. Impress your guests with an ‘entertaining scene’ that illuminates the garden, dims the dining room lights and starts your favourite playlist, all with a click or voice command.


Home security that provides peace of mind 24/7 is a given with smart home technology. It offers protection for your house and family while you’re at home or away, and is ideal for keeping an eye on the things that are most important to you.

Smart home security can range from sensor lights to deter intruders, through to linking your smart doorbell, gate cameras, lighting, smoke alarms and locks to one easy to use app. Add smart glass for instant privacy from the street or from neighbours at the push of a button.  

You can monitor your property remotely (handy if you need to check that doors and windows are locked, or see who’s at the door) and rest easy in the knowledge that everything’s secure when you’re at home.

Where to start

Your home, but smarter – where to start.

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There are many ways to turn your home into a smart home. You may be starting small with a stand-alone home automation option that is inexpensive and easily installed. Or you may be building a new house and want to integrate a more complex home automation system.

Whatever your situation, there are things your smart home system integrator will need to know before recommending products for a clever  connected home.

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Basic control

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Find the ideal smart home package that suits your home.

It will take around 5-10 minutes to complete, and you will receive a PDF document explaining you smart home package for you to pass onto your chosen professional.

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PDL Iconic® Bluetooth smart home

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PDL Iconic Bluetooth

Think a smart home is out of reach? Think again – the innovative PDL Iconic range is your key to simple and affordable smart home connectivity.

PDL Iconic uses Bluetooth, making it ideal for home renovations or less complex builds as there’s no need for any special wiring. It can link lights, dimmers and timers that you control via the Wiser Room app on your smartphone or tablet.

You can set lights to come on or dim at a certain time, or even schedule appliances like heated towel rails to turn on and off, offering convenience and energy efficiency.

There’s a range of PDL Iconic skins in different designs and finishes that clip on and off easily too, making it easy to update your interior look whenever you want.

C-Bus Automation - Ultimate control

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If you’re dreaming of a smart home that anticipates your every need and can adapt to fast-changing technology, then you need C-Bus by Schneider Electric.  

C-Bus is a wiring system for new builds that links stand-alone elements in your house to a single smart home automation app, like Wiser Home. Integrating with virtually any third party device, you can run everything from lights, to underfloor heating and locks, and even the garden sprinklers.  

C-Bus offers the ultimate in smart home automation and gives you a world of control when it comes to home security, energy efficiency, convenience and comfort. Designed to integrate easily with new technology, it also creates a home that can adapt to the future.

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