A Beachlands Build

A Beachlands Build

Scandi styling with Iconic Essence

A love of fresh Scandi styling combined with careful planning has created a beautiful family home in Auckland’s eastern suburbs that makes the most of a fantastic coastal outlook and city views.

Owners Clayton and Toni bought the newly released section in Beachlands after falling in love with its views, which became the focal point for the design of their two-storey home.

The house is light and airy, channelling a clean, minimalist Scandinavian influence by teaming crisp white walls with light timber cabinetry and flooring, black accents in handles and light fittings and touches of luxurious marble throughout.

Every detail reflects the couple’s clear design vision, even down to the Iconic Essence switches and power points in Arctic White. Its sleek matte white cover plates edged with real birch timber echo the home’s interior, while its handy extras like USB charging, dimmers and Bluetooth functionality add an ease to everyday life.

A modern kitchen with a sleek white counter top and stylish black stools.

A spacious bathroom with a big bathtub and a shower.

A cozy bedroom with a comfy bed and a wooden divider.

A cozy living room with a comfy couch, a chair, and a cute cat lounging on the floor.
A modern kitchen equipped with a washer and dryer.
Relaxing bedroom with furniture & mirror.
Iconic Essence in the kitchen.

Stylish design details

For Toni and Clayton, choosing the right electrical accessories was an important part of the building. “It’s those little touches that make the difference,” explains Toni. “If we’d put standard switches and power points into the house it would have changed the overall effect of the whole project, and we’d worked so hard to have everything just right.”

With touches of timber throughout the home, Toni was delighted to find this same timber look in the PDL Iconic Essence range, which features rounded edging in natural birch.

“I had no clue that switches and power points like this were even available,” says Toni. “Iconic Essence is so soft and gentle with the matte and the timber. As soon as I saw it I said to Clayton, ‘That’s it. I’m not even looking at anything else.’”

Iconic Essence.

More than just switches

They added dimmers to their living room and bedroom lighting, and USB ports in each bedroom, as well as in the office, for easy phone charging. “We decided to go with USB-C outlets as most devices use that now,” says Clayton.

Pictograms help them identify which switches activate lighting in different areas and Clayton was delighted to add his own touch with the custom design service. “I came up with a design for our pendant lights that we wanted indicated and we had it engraved onto the switchgear.”

Living room.

And a smarter home

The Iconic range is Bluetooth-enabled too, providing a simple entry to smart home automation. Lights and power points can be controlled from a smartphone app and it’s easy to add and link other features later. “Clay is always using the smart light dimmers on his phone, he finds that quite handy. Especially when he has two cats sitting on him and can’t get up from the couch!” laughs Toni.

Having spent so much time perfecting every element of what went into their home, Clayton and Toni weren’t going to sell themselves short. “You spend a lot of money on a build and big items,” says Toni. “And the Iconic Essence switches and power points weren't a huge monetary investment for what you get out of it. It’s a lovely product we interact with multiple times every day.”

A home that’s a haven

Now, as they relax in their home, Clayton and Toni can reflect on what they have created and the journey to get there.

“Every bit of work we put into the house and every decision we made, we feel it every day,” says Toni. “I love that our whole home flows so well and nothing feels out of place. It’s a beautiful, restful space to be in.”