Skin NightWalk sensor-light GPO horiz VW
Skin NightWalk sensor-light GPO horiz CY
Skin NightWalk sensor-light GPO horiz WY
Skin NightWalk sensor-light GPO horiz AN
Skin NightWalk sensor-light GPO horiz VW
Skin NightWalk sensor-light GPO horiz CY
Skin NightWalk sensor-light GPO horiz WY
Skin NightWalk sensor-light GPO horiz AN

Sensor Light Iconic Skin - Motion sensor with LED light - Vivid White

Catalogue Number: PDL306
Skin NightWalk sensor-light GPO horiz VW
Skin NightWalk sensor-light GPO horiz CY
Skin NightWalk sensor-light GPO horiz WY
Skin NightWalk sensor-light GPO horiz AN
Skin NightWalk sensor-light GPO horiz VW
Skin NightWalk sensor-light GPO horiz CY
Skin NightWalk sensor-light GPO horiz WY
Skin NightWalk sensor-light GPO horiz AN
Colour: Vivid White
Colour: Per UOM Std.
  • Anthracite 1 PCE 1
  • Cool Grey 1 PCE 1
  • Vivid White 1 PCE 1
  • Warm Grey 1 PCE 1


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Range of product
PDL Iconic
Aesthetic name
Product or component type
cover frame
Colour tint
  • anthracite (AN)
  • cool grey (CY)
  • vivid white (VW)
  • warm grey (WY)
    • Type of packing
      Quantity per set
      set of 1
      Range compatibility
      switched socket
      Product destination
      switched socket
      Device mounting
      Device composition
    • 1 motion sensor 27 mA
    • 1 LED light 8 mA
    • 1 socket-outlet 10 A
      • Movement detection area
        2 m
        Presence detection area
        1 m
        Operating distance
        2 m
        Installation direction
        Fixing mode
        Surface finish
        78 mm
        120 mm
        32 mm
        Ambient air temperature for storage
        -5-65 °C
        Ambient air temperature for operation
        0-45 °C
        Relative humidity
        10-85 %
        Product certifications
        EU RoHS Directive
        Under investigation

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        Frequently Asked Questions

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        What colours does the PDL30B come in?

        Only white - PDL30BWH

        Is the pdl3303 still available?

        No, it has been discontinued.

        Is part number TPDL300 still available?

        Yes. Part number TPDL300 is still available.

        What is the code for spare PDL standard mounting screws

        They are available in 3 different sizes:
        16mmx6 - 32 UNC = PDL201
        30mmx6 - 32 UNC = PDL202 (standard size)
        50mmx6 - 32 UNC = PDL204

        What sizes do PDLSE enclosures come in?


        What Lamp does the PDL35S take?

        What lamp does the PDL35S take = Edison Screw.

        L1 VME What is the hook Grip Plug? (if struggle with standard plugs)


        Do you have metal plates for the PDL600 series switches?

        Yes, we do have metal cover plates for the PDL600 series switches. The part number for a single gang cover is 681M.

        How to remove or install PDL3208

        Please see attached instruction sheet - complete with cleaning instructions.

        Are their still spare parts available for the pdl3303

        only thing we do now is pdl3307ele (element assembly)

        Product Safety Recall for PDL3208 Thermosafe wall mounted bathroom fan heater, need information on the Recall.

        Heaters installed before July 2006, the product is not affected by this recall.  

        Attached is the Recall Notice information regarding the PDL3208 Thermosafe bathroom heater.

        What is the code for just a PDL685VHWH cover plate?

        the PDL685 and PDL686 take the exact same cover plate - PDL686CWH

        Is the PDL3304 still available, or any spare parts?

        This item is now obsolete - spare parts no longer available.

        Are the PDL700 series Fuse holders discontinued? what is the replacement?

        700 series Fuse Carriers, eg PDL751 are no longer available with no alternative.

        Is there a 10A switch available in the PDL600 series?

        No unfortunately we only make the 20A mechanisms now.

        What is the part code for a Clipsal black festoon lampholder

         The part code 541ES-BK is not longer stocked in NZ
        use the PDL code PDL35S 35s festoon lampholder

        Clipsal 426 is discontinued, what is a suitable replacement

        the 426 is desigend to fit a junction box - an alternative would be to use the PDL570R (surface socket) + PDL530 (mounting block)

        What is the PDL800 series USB Mech only & the complete unit with socket & USB Mechanism ?

        PDL842MUSB - white or black
        PDL894MUSB - only in white

        what wattage is PDL26 lampholder ?


        What size cut-out do i need for a TPDL300 downlight?

        You would need a 90mm cut-out for the TPDL series downlight.

        Some of the key features are:
        • 3000K and 4000K lamp temperature options
        • 30,000 hours rated lamp life to L70
        • Integral driver
        • Wide trim
        • 90mm cut-out

        For further information please visit

        Is a ZB4***** the series of push button to fit into a PDL600 series plate

        No the ZB5 range is what should be used

        Mounting Block to suit PDL698 single worktop socket?

        The mounting Block to suit is the PDL567S

        What is the PDL600 series part number for the sky mech in black?



        Can I get a dimmer and push button switch in one?

        Saturn module = 4061E2PUDM-TR 
        Clipsal 30 series module = 31E2PUDM-WE
        PDL600 module = PDL654PBMWH
        PDL800 module = PDL854PBMWH
        Note:- Being universal dimmers they may not be suitable for LED's as most LED drivers require a trailing edge dimmer.
        A push button dimmer can not be used in a 2 way circuit as it requires a physical press to turn on.

        If two way push button dimming is required this can be done via Saturn Onetouch, Iconic push button dimming and Nero Environexus


        What is the torque setting for the screws in the Iconic PDL381 mech products?

        For the screws in the Iconic PDL381 mech products, the torque setting should be 0.8Nm (M3.5 screw as per Table 8.7 AS/NZS 3100)

        Is there an adaptor to fit 30 series mechs into a PDL600 plate?

        No, unfortunately there isn't an adapter so you can fit 30 series mechanisms into a PDL 600 series plate.

        what wattage is PDL26 lamp holder ?

        150 Watt

        Are the TPDL300 downlights dimmable?

        Yes the TPDL300 downlights are dimmable -
        For further information , visit link below:-
        User-added image

        Is there a mounting block for the PDL570S?

        No there is not. This is designed to panel mount directly onto surfaces.

        For a wall mounted alternative you can use the round PDL570R with a PDL530 mounting block.

        What length is the longest PDL mounting screw available?

        The PDL204 is the longest Screw Length we have and that is 50mm.
        A longer screw would need to be sourced through a third party. the Thread type is 6/32 UNC

        What is the code for PDL flush box screws ?

        There are 3 different sizes of fixing screws. The code for these are:

        16mmx6-32UNC - PDL201
        30mmx6-32UNC - PDL202
        50mmx6-32UNC - PDL204

        They all come as a pack of 100.

        What is the part number for a PDL double vertical socket with usb PDL600 series?

        The Part code is PDL692USBWH   

        Does the 223H weather protected Enclosure fit the 600 series plates?

        Yes, the 223H can fit the PDL 600 series plates.  

        What is the part code for the PDL600 series RJ45 data jack

        The part code is:

        Is there a PDL600 series hinge flap mech marked sensor in black?

        The part code is