C-Bus Wall Plate Saturn Enhanced Dynamic Labelling Technology, 5 key grid

C-Bus Wall Plate Saturn Enhanced Dynamic Labelling Technology, 5 key grid | OM

Item Number: 5085EDLW-OM


Product Dimensions

Width icon

Width77 mm

Height icon

Height123 mm

Embedding depth icon

Embedding depth23.5 mm


Qty UoM EAN Colour





Product brand


Product or component type

wall plate

Device application



cover plate: ocean mist|grid: white

Product compatibility

LAN cable Cat. 5e

Sustainable offer status

Green Premium product


Provided equipment

mounting plate|flying lead

Control type

5 x push-button dual-action

Local signalling

status: LED (tri-colour) on push-button

Function of module

proximity sensor monitoring wake-up

Communication port protocol

C-Bus - 2 wires

Connector type

mini USB port (rear)|socket (rear) for C-Bus

Function available

firmware update by USB

Clamping connection capacity

0.2...1.5 mm²

Fixing mode

by screws

Mounting support



77 mm


123 mm


35 mm

Embedding depth

23.5 mm

Ip degree of protection


Ambient air temperature for operation

5...45 °C

Product certifications


Reach regulation

Reference contains Substances of Very High Concern above the threshold

Eu rohs directive

Compliant with Exemptions

Mercury free


Rohs exemption information


China rohs regulation


Environmental disclosure


Circularity profile






Package 1 bare product quantity


Product name

C-Bus Saturn

Switch application

lighting|timer|audio|blind control|fan speed control|scene control|on/off switching|shutter control|dimming up/down control|page navigation

Local display

backlit LCD display

Display type

colour TFT display

Display size

2.8 inch

Messages display capacity

up to 4 pages

Information displayed

load type|temperature|power|date|time|operating mode

Number of outputs

16 in 4 page option|5 in 1 page option

[us] rated supply voltage

15...36 V: DC

Maximum supply current

32 mA

User language


Electrical connection

flying lead

Unit type of package 1


Number of units in package 1


Package 1 height

8.0 cm

Package 1 width

11.1 cm

Package 1 length

15.6 cm

Package 1 weight

307.1 g

Unit type of package 2


Number of units in package 2


Package 2 height

103.0 cm

Package 2 width

66.0 cm

Package 2 length

67.5 cm

Package 2 weight

97.082 kg

Unit type of package 3


Number of units in package 3


Package 3 height

20.6 cm

Package 3 width

22.5 cm

Package 3 length

33.0 cm

Package 3 weight

2.903 kg


The product must be disposed on European Union markets following specific waste collection and never end up in rubbish bins
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Where to download the C-Bus Toolkit 1.16.3?

Where to download the C-Bus Toolkit 1.16.3?
Release Date: 29/06/2023
Version: V1.16.3
Reference: C-Bus_Toolkit_V1.16.3
C-Gate: 2.11.10
Operating Systems:  Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows x86 / x64

It contains eDLT firmware version: V1.7.0


What is new of the C-Bus Toolkit 1.16.3?

What is new of the C-Bus Toolkit 1.16.3?
  • C-Bus Toolkit 1.16.3 was released on 26/06/2023

Clock Optimisation
When the network node is selected in the project tree, the summary information for the network now includes an additional line, Units with Clock, which displays how many units on the network have their clock enabled.

eDLT Firmware
The eDLT Firmware Updater has been updated to include firmware version 1.7.0. This firmware addresses an issue that affected commissioning of the unit via bridge networks. It also addresses an issue that resulted in increased network traffic.

C-Gate 2.11.10
This release includes C-Gate 2.11.10. For further details, refer to the C-Gate release notes later in this document.

Other Fixes
• TK-10683: Toolkit crashes when copying and pasting a lighting application.

C-Bus Toolkit 1.16.3 can be downloaded from SE Ecoxpert

How to update C-Bus eDLT Firmware

NOTE: The following procedure assumes that you have installed the latest version of C-Bus Toolkit which will contain the latest eDLT firmware. 

To update a C-Bus eDLT's firmware

1) Connect the working & powered eDLT to a PC/Laptop via a Mini USB cable
2) Open C-Bus Toolkit in the file menu options select Tools and eDLT Firmware Updater
3) Click on the folder/file selector ... in the eDLT Firmware Updater Dialog 
4) Select the latest version of eDLTFirmware located in the C-Bus Toolkits eDLT firmware directory - typically
5) Click the Start Update button to start the firmware upgrade process
6) Await for the firmware upgrade process to complete, 


Note: The eDLT firmware upgrade process requires a stable C-Bus network (if you are experiencing C-Bus communications issues you will likely experience issues upgrading the firmware) in these cases it may be better to have eDLT closer to C-Bus power supplies or if possible use a test bench C-Bus network to upgrade the eDLT firmware.


Toolkit showing no serial number and or display but disappears when toolkit scan is done. Unable to edit or program the unit.

If 5085edlt has the latest  firmware 1.6 and toolkit running is an earlier version than Toolkit V1.16.0 then you will have issues with programming them. Things expect are  i.e no serial number showing up on network scan or able to load up and program the unit.. 

advice to download and run C-Bus Toolkit 1.16.0 or later

No serial number

please see link for C-Bus software: https://www.se.com/ww/en/download/

C-Bus Toolkit 1.6.0 https://download.schneider-electric.com/files?p_Archive_Name=C-Bus-Toolkit_V1160.zip&p_enDocType=Software%20-%20Release&p_Doc_Ref=C-Bus-Toolkit_V1160

How do I set the time and enter the tools page from an eDLT Swtich?

If your time is incorrect or has drifted on the C-Bus network you are able to do a one time broadcast from the eDLT switch to correct this.

Firstly you will need to enter the 'Tools' Page on the eDLT
To do this, press and hold the Left side of the bottom button, then double press the Right side of the top button.


Now you can select the 'Time/Date' using the select button, each button with have a function icon next to them for the various actions.


Once the new time has been selected and confirmed this will send a one time broadcast and update all other units on the network.