How to Program "Absence Detection" on C-Bus outdoor PIR sensor?


30 September 2021

Absence detection sets the sensor to detect the absence of motion. If the lighting is on and the sensor detects the absence of motion, a timer is activated. When the timer expires and the sensor element still detects absence, a C-Bus command is sent to control lighting.
This article will guide you how to program “Absence Detection”, it will cover those C-Bus sensors, 5751L, 5750WPL and 5753L with the old firmware v1.2.67.

Product Line:
C-Bus Sensors: 5751L, 5750WPL and 5753L with the old firmware v1.2.67

C-Bus Toolkit 1.15.5

  1. Open C-Bus Toolkit
  2. Scan the Network
  3. Double click the sensor to open its GUI
  4. Select a control group from the “Key 1 Group” dropdown list
  5. Define the Expiry Time (5 minutes assigned by default) and click “OK”
  6. Go to Key Functions tab and change the “On Key” on MD column for Short Press to “Idle”
  7. A Confirm-21000 message will pop up
  8. Click “YES” to accept the non-PIR functions
  9. Click “Apply” or “OK”
  10. Save to Database and Physical Unit