My Harmony (Magellis) iPC is stuck at Loading Runtime when booting up. How can I resolve it?


28 October 2021

Summary: I have a Harmony (formerly known as Magelis) iPC that on repower/start displays, for example, “Loading Runtime Version” when booting up and does not progress past this, I can no longer communicate with the screen either via Ethernet or USB. How do I resolve this issue?

Solution: since the iPC cannot load runtime, you cannot use runtime installer. You would need to use a USB stick to load the runtime and project again.
You can either create a project or open an existing one in Vijeo Designer. Then select Download=File System: under Target1 -> Properties -> General, see this image:
Then click Download at the top menu, or right click Target1 and select Download, and save these files to a folder.
Then copy these files onto a USB stick. It has the runtime and the project.
Be sure the USB stick file system is formatted to FAT32.
Insert the USB into the Harmony (Magellis) iPC and power cycle it. It will read the USB first and launch the files there.

If this does not work, please try updating your Vijeo Designer (available at to the latest version and try again.

If the HMI cannot be brought back online with a USB, then it may be that the HMI is defective and you may need to replace it.