Why is the deployment server's name not listed in the configurator on the deployment client computer?


24 December 2021


While configuring a remote Citect Deployment Client in Citcet Scada/ AVEVA Plant Scada, the deployment server's name is not displayed in the servers list on the configurator as shown in the below screenshot:




AVEVA Plant SCADA (previously called Citect Scada) all versions :  2016, 2018, 2018 R2, AVEVA Plant Scada 2020 R2

This points to communication issue between the two machines.

Following are some pre-requisites to make sure the network issues are resolved;

  • The firewall policies are setup to allow all inbound and outbound connections on port 443
  • The Deployment Server and Client machines are able to establish a Telnet connection on port 443 from both ends

Having the above checks done successfully and the Deployment server's name still does not appear in the drop down list, edit the host file as follows to resolve machines names with IP addresses:

  • Open the Host file on Deployment server (default location: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc)
  • Add a new line, specifying Deployment Client machine's IP address in below format:

            IP address         Machine Name   
            10.xx.xx.xx        ABCXXXXXXXX

  • Also add the Deployment Server's machine name and IP address in the Deployment Client machine's host file