How to time synchronize SCADAPack X70 RTU from GeoScada over DNP3


09 August 2023

SCADAPack x70 can be time synchronized with GeoSCADA over DNP3 either over serial or LAN. In order to time synchronize SCADAPack x70 from GeoScada kindly follow the below procedure.

When using DNP3 serial time sync or DNP3 LAN time sync, use the RemoteConnect first to set the Time Update Request Rate parameter. The RTU will request the time from the Master at this interval to keep its clock synchronized.

1. Open the RTU’s Configuration tab and select the DNP3 property page, Layer Settings as shown below. Confirm the default value of 1440 minutes (or once per day) is set. (A value of 0 Periodic time update requests are not sent)


2. Choose the method to use in GeoSCADA by opening the GeoSCADA project from the last exercise and double-clicking the outstation object to edit its properties.

3. Select the object’s DNP3 tab and scroll down to the section Set the Clock.

4. The Initiate Set Clock list box selects who initiates setting the clock: the Outstation, GeoSCADA or both

Initiate Set Clock

Use this combo box to specify what triggers Geo SCADA Expert to set the outstation’s clock. 

  • Outstation and Geo SCADA Expert
    • Geo SCADA Expert sets the outstation’s clock:
      • At the frequency specified on the relevant DNP3 Channel Form
      • On establishing communications with the outstation
      • Whenever the driver detects a clock jump in the server
      • In response to the outstation setting its DNP3 Need Time IIN bit.
The exception to this is if the Check Clock Drift feature is set to an option other than 'Disabled'. If so, Geo SCADA Expert will only set the outstation's clock in the first three situations providing that the clock has drifted by an amount that falls within the range within which Geo SCADA Expert is to set the outstation's clock. (Geo SCADA Expert will always attempt to set the clock if requested to by the outstation, regardless of whether the clock is already synchronized.)

Set Clock Method

Use this combo box to specify the method by which Geo SCADA Expert sets the outstation’s clock. Choose from:

  • Delay Measurement (FC 23)
    • Select this option if Geo SCADA Expert connects to the outstation using a serial device (for example a direct serial cable, radio, or dial-up modem), or if the outstation does not support Record Current Time (Function Code 24).
  • Record Current Time (FC 24)
    • Select this option if the outstation supports Record Current Time (Function Code 24) and Geo SCADA Expert connects to the outstation using TCP/IP.