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Electrically unsafe homes

Millions of homes around the world are electrically unsafe. What about yours? Make your home a safe place.

Securing your electrical installation is essential for protecting your family and property. Our broad range of products can help protect your property from the risk of fire and electrical hazards, giving you and your family peace of mind.

Things to look out for when checking your homes electrical safety:

  • Damaged cables or a poor connection
  • Pulled-out sockets
  • Cables squashed under furniture
  • Loose junction boxes that may generate dangerous electric arc faults
  • Change smoke alarm batteries at least once a year
  • Replace smoke alarm unit every 10 years
  • Update to photoelectric or hard-wired smoke alarms for better protection

Installing safety products such as smoke alarms, RCDs, arc fault detection devices and surge arrestors will ensure you and your family are well protected.

Smoke alarms – aren’t they all the same?

It that time of year again where daylight savings is ending. This is the perfect time to check your smoke alarm or update it to a newer model with more benefits, like photoelectric. Not all smoke alarms offer the same benefits or functionality, so it’s important to be aware of the differences.

Photoelectric technology provides maximum protection against smouldering fires, and has been recently legislated into the New Zealand residential tenancies act. All new or replacement smoke alarms must be long-life photoelectric smoke alarms with a battery life of at least eight years, or a hard-wired smoke alarm system.

PDL’s photoelectric smoke alarms are easy to use, adaptable and innovative and can be both flush mounted or surface mounted. With built-in test buttons and rechargeable lithium battery with surface-mount alarms, maintenance is low. Mains powered and interconnecting options are also available within the PDL smoke alarm range.

PDL smoke alarm features and benefits include:

  • Photoelectric technology provides maximum protection against smouldering fires
  • Optical sensing chamber with integral stainless steel insect screen
  • Options to connect third-party devices, i.e. lighting, security alarms and home automation systems
  • Loud alarm indication: 85dB at three metres
  • Interconnect up to 40 units (wired) or 20 units (wireless with 755RFB) so all alarms activate in an emergency when one is set off
  • Certified fire safety, our smoke alarms are manufactured to the highest possible quality. They meet all relevant Australian & New Zealand Standards and are ActiveFire listed to comply with the Building Code NZ Standard 4514. 

Click here for more information or talk to your electrician about PDL photoelectric smoke alarms.